Food Safety After Power Outages

Chattooga County Cooperative Extension Agent Rebecca Thomas says that residents should be careful about food in freezers that may have thawed during the recent power outages from Monday’s storm.

Thomas said that if food is “pliable” you should use caution.  For meats that have been frozen, if there is any pliability to the package it should be cooked.  After cooking it can be re-frozen.  If the meat has completely thawed it should be thrown away.  Vegetables can be re-frozen as long as there are still ice crystals left in the packaging.  Thomas said the rule of thumb is, “when in doubt through it out.”

Senator Jeff Mullis Interview March 20, 2013

State Senator Jeff Mullis was our guest on a Newsmakers Interview  March 20.  Senator Mullis spoke about legislation that is made its way through the Georgia Legislature during these last few days of the legislative session for 2013.

Hays Warden Rick Jacobs Discusses Moving Forward

On March 13, Julie Steele spoke to new Hays Warden Rick Jacobs. She also toured the prison. It’s the only time a member of the media has been invited to tour the prison since Jacobs took over as Warden, after the murders of three inmates, and stabbing of two correctional officers early this year and at the end of last year.  of this page

Winters Discusses Sewer Line

Chattooga County is looking to apply for a  community development block grant (CDGB) to extend a sewer line that belongs to the City of Summerville in the Pennville area.  Commissioner Jason Winters will be holding a public hearing this Thursday at the commissioner’s office on the application for the grant.

Winters said, “There is a good bit of homes, and a good bit of renovation going on in that community.”  Winters said that grant writers told him that the best possibility for receiving a CDGB grant would be for sewer line expansion.   In the past the county has applied for grants for water line expansion.  The county operates a water system but does not operate a sewer system.  Winters said that the City of Summerville received a CDGB grant last year and can not apply for a grant this year, but was in favor of the county applying to extend the city’s sewer line on the east side  of Highway 27 in Pennville.

AM 1180 asked the commissioner how does it benefit the county to help the City of Summerville with a project that will not see any revenue come in for the county, but will help the city.  Winters said, “It benefits the county because it benefits county residents.” Winters went on to say, “we had looked at trying to be able to replace some water lines…the applications on these grants has become extremely competitive.  The grant writer was pretty up front that you could apply for water line expansion….but the possibility of getting (money) is not really that good.”

Winters said that after reviewing needs in the county, the need for sewer system improvements for the City of Summerville’s sewer system were the most pressing need.

AM 1180 will have a Newsmakers Interview program with Commissioner Winters coming up this morning following the 8 AM newscast and then again following the trading post program in the noon hour.


DOC Officials Discusses Hays Prison Fix

15308748_BG2AM 1180 recently  broadcast a Newsmakers Interview with Rick Jacobs with the Georgia Department of Corrections.  Jacobs is a Floyd County native who oversees operations for the D.O.C. in the northern part of the state.  Jacobs spoke with Julie Steele about what the Department of Corrections is doing to fix problems at Hays State Prison.